Get Started

Are you new to Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL)? Welcome! Here’s a guide to help you get started with our team.

Join CCL & connect with your local chapter

Fill out this form to join CCL. Once you join, CCL will connect you with your local chapter and provide you with training and resources. Most chapters meet once per month. Here’s the usual meeting schedule of our Virginia chapters.

If you have trouble connecting with your local chapter in Virginia, please reach out to CCL’s Virginia state coordinators, Chris Wiegard and Stephanie Burns.

CCL also hosts an informational session for new and prospective volunteers on Wednesday nights at 8:00pm ET.

Consider taking simple actions each month

Even if you have a busy schedule, there are simple actions you can take each month.

Consider joining CCL’s Monthly Calling Campaign. You’ll receive an email or text message once per month, reminding you to call your U.S. Representative and Senators in Congress.

CCL also has a handy tool where you can write letters to Congress.

Your phone calls and letters are a powerful way to keep pressure on Congress to prioritize climate action.

Explore CCL’s action teams

In addition to local chapters, CCL has nationwide and international action teams that work on specific topics or areas of focus. You can explore and join these teams on the CCL Community website.

Some action teams even have their own websites – for example, volunteers who are interested in reaching out to the business community should check out Business Climate Leaders.

On the CCL Community website, you can find a directory of Action Teams.

Resources for students

CCL welcomes volunteers of all ages, including students!

College students can find internship, fellowship, and volunteer opportunities on the CCL Higher Education website.

Teens and kids can explore CCL’s Youth website, which includes information about how to join or start a youth climate team in your community.